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If you've ever seen a hardwood floor installation in a El Paso home, then you know the huge difference it can make in terms of appearance. At the same time, heat, humidity, and even the normal settling of a property can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, causing warps, unlevel surfaces, and even cracks and splits. For all these problems, Avanti Floor Contractor Inc is here.

Designed to be the absolute best hardwood specialists in El Paso, Avanti Floor Contractor Inc hires only the most experienced and talented cleaners, polishers, and repairman. Whether it's a simple annoying squeak that needs to disappear or full sanding and polishing job, we're here to make it happen and bring your hardwood floors up to their true potential.

When taken care of, hardwood flooring in a El Paso property can easily last for many decades. With our wide range of services, you have a close ally that's available for any type of hardwood work and our partnership will ensure that your hardwoods look great throughout the years.

Give your hardwood floors in El Paso a new life. Call Avanti Floor Contractor Inc at 915-850-0009 for all your cleaning, polishing, and repairing needs.

For Floors That Truly Shine, Call 915-850-0009To Speak To A Local Expert.

Located in El Paso and serving the surrounding area, Avanti Floor Contractor Inc is proud to be your contractor of choice for all flooring projects.


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